Ideas Last
Ideas Last
How a Steady Paycheck Can Change the World

James Herbert started Hastee in an attempt to reduce financial stress and empower individuals. He figured out a way to use technology to distribute money to workers in real time so they wouldn’t have to wait for a paycheck. What he didn’t realize was how much effort it would take to educate people that this was possible…and important.

In this episode, we discuss…

  • How to succeed by making sure your employees know you’re taking care of them
  • How to figure out when the market is ready for what you’re offering 
  • Financial education as the key to improving quality of life
  • How more stable income increases productivity and mental health

About James Herbert

James Herbert is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of Hastee, the financial wellbeing benefit that helps employers get the best from their workers and workers get the most from their money. James set up his first business, Brightsparks, while studying Economics at Durham University. Connecting students with work opportunities through Brightsparks, James was inspired to find a fairer way for people to access their pay so they don’t have to miss out on life’s opportunities or get into debt when unexpected bills pop up. Hastee was founded in 2017.

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